Pharmacies and small laboratories use purified water as required by CL 2009 wherever this is permitted. It is mostly a small amount of  purified water in a volume of 4 to 20 liters per hour. To ensure microbiological purity and to avoid additional contamination, it is appropriate to arrange the production of purified water without a storage container. Water is prepared in containers that can be sanitized daily.

Under SVP policy, the water produced must be processed within 24 hours. If the requirement for the preparation of purified water is combined with the need for water preparation, for example for a dishwasher, or if the batch consumption is in batches, it is necessary to use a minimum container with the possibility of efficient sanitation. In any case, the resulting product is treated with the appropriate end-point UV emitter.

At the moment, these GORO Pharmapur treatment devices are offered in such a way that the omission of the end-point UV emitter during operation is not possible. All controls are situated on one operating switch.

Many GORO Pharmapur and GORO MID devices with an end-point UV sterilizer have the appropriate certificates and attestations.