GORO Pharmapur 20 with performance of 4 l/h


GORO PHARMAPUR is a small complet with direct water consumption used to prepare water for pharmacies and elsewhere where quality is requested by ČL 2009. First purification step is made of GORO AQUA 35/65 or 100 with a pressure vessel that contains ion exchange resin. Then the water is treated by UV sterilization. Output conductivity measurment is provided by a diode comparator or optionally (for a fare) by a digital conductivity meter. The figure next to Pharmapur sign is the estimated consumption in 24 hours.

  • Pre-treatment: GORO AQUA 35

Specification of GORO Pharmapur 20:

Size: 550 x 270 x 280 mm
Outlet water: according to ČL 2009
Device contains: GORO AQUA 35
Pressure container (6 l)
UV lamp
Comparitive conductivity meter
˟ Digital conductivity meter for extra charge
˟ Mikrobiological filter for extra charge

Technical specification of GORO AQUA 35:

Size in mm: 496 x 180 x 420
Weight: 8 kg
Performance of RO: 4 l/h
Operational pressure: 3,5 bar
Overall water use: 20 - 30 %
Effectivity of removing impurities: 97 - 99 %
Conversion of RO: 1:4
Pressure gradient of RO: 0,05 MPa
Inlet water: drinking water (according to ČSL)