Washing rooms and endoscopy

Water treatment for a set of sterilizers and disinfectors (dishwashers). Water quality according to ČSN EN 285 - Supply water for sterilizers with a specific conductivity below 15 uS / cm. The water treatment device is connected to central and pressurized distribution to individual devices by the plastic piping. In smaller workplaces, it is possible to connect the device to the appliance using a plastic pipe on the surface or pressure hoses.

The composition of the water treatment device depends on the quality of the drinking water source, in particular the total hardness and the amount of the dissolved substances. If the quality of the source does not allow simple RO to be used, one more purification step must be used afterwards. The reason is to reduce the resulting specific conductivity to meet EN 285 standard.

For only disinfectants (dishwashers) supply, maximum specific conductivity remains at 15 uS / cm.