Triple filtration

filtrace 4jpg

This filtering device consists of three filtration containers (size 20” and input G3/4”).

The device is designed as a filtration of a drinking water source and is also suitable for use in front of a dental chair. The capacity of the device is for 3 to 6 dental chairs.

CAUTION: This device does not replace softening! In places with hard water it is advisable to use a classic softener, which you can find on our website.

Description of the device:

Size in mm:  500 x 600 x 150
Thread: G1/4", G1/2", G3/4"
Weight (when used) 11 kg

Water input parameters:

Filtration performance (max. flow rate): 200 l/hod
Output conductivity:  Not affected
Product output pressure: Minimal pressure lost
Microbiological purity:  Not affected
Total hardness:  Not affected


Filtering beam (steel, komaxite polish)
3 x filtering container 20"
2 x filtering pad 20" (1 and 5 micron)
1 x filtering pad active coal 20" (5 micron)