Reverse osmosis is technologically sophisticated device which is able to create water deprived of almost all admixtures that can be usually found there. You can uderstand to this process by imagining pushing pre-cleaned water through very fine pores in the membrane (those pores are at microscopic level and are smaller than dissolved / dispersed substances in the water). The water is pushed through the membrane and cleaned to the very high level. Subsequently, the water can be remineralized, alkalized or otherwise modified.



Small reverse osmosis works with water pressure, if necessary a TJ 24 pressure boosting unit is added. These small reverse osmosis can be used anywhere as a replacement of electrodistillation which is economically disandvantageous. Small reverse osmosis can be replenished and automatized just like larger units. Various addons such as UV filters, microfilters etc. can be included upon request.

We offer certified reverse osmosis systems containing pre-treatment, security against changes in input media, reverse osmosis in full equipment, digital conductivity measurement, tank built-in automatic, pressure kit (TK) including accumulation tank. Turnkey supply, including tiny material and adequate piping.