OKBHI and medical steam

Laboratories of Clinical Biochemistry, Hematology and Immunology require purified water of the quality ISO 3696 type 2 with a specific conductivity of less than 1 μS / cm. Other expression: NCCLS Type II DI, <10 CFU / ml, Specific resistance 1 Megaohm-cm minimum, Maximum silicate = 0.1 mg / l

Depending on the size of the laboratory and instrumentation, water treatment devices differ. The laboratory can be equipped with a small reverse osmosis type AQUA 65 Complet, through MID type 30, 50 and 100 Complet, to the most widely used MID 150 1F and 300 3F Complet set. Small devices are used for smaller types of analyzers, the transport of treated water can be gravitational or using a pump. Large workplaces with a capacity of up to 200 l / h are supplied with pressure pumps and the connections are equipped with 0.2 μm end-point microfilters and possibly also with reduction valves.