GORO MID 500 with circulation loop

image3_1600x900ms  Reverse osmosis quality system for the production of ultrapure water for commercial use with performance of 450 to 580 liters per hour.

The device respects the standard EN 285 to 15 uS / cm.

Technical advantages:

The new design solution provides energy saving

Higher performance

Simple and affordable solution

Very quiet run

Design advantages: recycling of the filtrate, water saving, filtration savings, minimal pressure drop of softened water at the outlet


Technical specifications:

Model: GORO MID 500 in cabinet design
Water quality: according to ČSN EN 285
Type of water: demineralized
Required dimensions: 2000 x 3500 mm
Tank capacity: 10 - 200 liters
Voltage: 240 V / 60 Hz