filtrace 3

Filtration device GORO DENT 20 consists of 2 filtrating containers of size 20". 
Customer has 2 options of assembly:

Option 1: 2x mechanical filtrating pads 20" with porosity of 30 micron
Option 2: 1x mechanical filtrating pad 20" with porosity of 5 micron (disposes of sand, rust, sludge and another machanical impurities), 1x mechanical filtrating pad (active coal 20") with porosity of 5 micron (disposes of smell, chlorine, and another impurities)

This device is determined to drinkable water filtration and it is suitable for use at stomatological facilities. Capacity of the device is for 2 dental chairs. 

CAUTION: This device does not replace softening! In places with hard water it is advisable to use a classic softener, which you can find on our website.



Description of the device: 

Size in mm: 500 x 600 x 150
Weight (when used): 9 kg

Water input parameters:

Filtration performance (max. flow rate): 200 l/hod
Output conductivity:  Not affected
Product output pressure:  Minimal pressure lost
Microbiological purity:  Not affected
Total hardness: Not affected


Filtering beam (steel, komaxite polish)
2 x filtering container 20"
2 x filtering pads 20" (1 and 20 micron)
1 x filtering pad 20" (5 micron)
1 x filtering pad (active coal) 20" (5 micron)
Set for connection of internal threads 1/2"
Teflon tape
Key for the container 20"