Reverse osmosis GORO AQUA AN produces water up to 15 uS. Performance of GORO AQUA AN 35 can make up to 4 liters per hour and GORO AQUA AN 65 can make up to 10 liters per hour. Capacity of the tank is from 10 to 200 liters.

This device produces demineralized water with the help of the water pressure.



  • Beam
  • Auxiliary pump
  • 3x container for filtrating pad of size 10"
  • 3 x filtrating pad
  • Container for the membrane of RO
  • Membrane of RO 
  • Manometer
  • Tube
  • Valve


Technical specifications:

Size in mm: 496x180x420
Weight: 8 kg
Tank capacity: 10 - 200 liters
Performance of RO: 4 - 10 l/h
Operational pressure:  independent
Overall water use: 20 - 30 %
Effectivity of removin impurities: 97 - 99 %
Conversion of RO: 1:4
Pressure gradient of RO: 0,05 MPa
Inlet water: drinking water (according to ČSL)


CAUTION: To be used only for the water filtration (input water is drinking water according to ČSN) operational pressure of reverse osmosis has to be min. 0,30MPa and max. 1MPa with water temperature min. 5°C and max. 38°C. Protect against impact, never let the temperature drop under 0°C. Do not expose to effects of vacuum and to effects of corosive liquids and gases.This water is not drinkable and is not suitable for making any kind of drinks. If the device is switched off, operation for at least 60 minutes every 7 days is required.RO is sensitive to high levels of Fe, Mn, Cl and the high hardness of water. Do not sanitize, it can destroy carbon filters and membrane, do not use service valve behind the modul of the reverse osmosis.