Reverse osmosis GORO AQUA AN 100 produces water up to 15 uS. Performance of this device is 20 litres per hour, capacity of the tank is optional from 10 to 200 liters.

This reverse osmosis is for commercial use with performance of 20l/h. It is constructed from supporting structure, 3 pre-filters of size 10“, 1 membrane, 2 auxiliary pumps, switch for a low pressure, switch for a high pressure, manometer and another components.


Technical specifications:

Size in mm: 580 x 400 x 240
Tank capacity: 10 - 200 liters
Voltage: 220/240V//50/60Hz
Color: White


General specifications:

Operation is controlled automatically by solenoid valves and pressure switches.The water tank is optionally available from 10 to 200 liters of water.Optionally, according to the previous water analysis, additional filtration - mineralization steps can be added.

+ Standing stainless steel valve for sampling

+ Connection fittings