Filtering devices with automatical control unit

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Pressure filtration devices are determined to filtration and water treatment in larger volumes. You can choose filtration container from various sizes (8x17, 10x17, 8x35, 10x54) and from various capacities (from 15 – 65 litres).

This device is usable in houses, flats, medical facilities or in the food / chemical industry. Those filtering devices are made from fiberglass and are suitable for use in various filtration and water softening media.

Filtration containers can be filled with following materials:

Sand: sand filtration
Ionex: DEMI water
Katex: softener
Birm: defferal
Active coal: destroying chlorine
Ecomix and pyrolox: removal of heavy metals

Characteristics of pressure filtering containers

  • High mechanical resistence 
  • Made from polyethylen
  • Outer coat made from fiberglass
  • Plastic base
  • Suitable for food industry
  • According to worldwide standards