Commercial water treatment devices

Our company specializes in the production of reverse osmosis (which is able to process from 4 to 2000l per hour) and the electrodeionization technology (EDI), which is a replacement for the mixed ion exchangers. Reverse osmosis is suitable for facilities where daily consumption is over 20 liters of water. It is more economical and cheaper to use combined ion exchangers mixbed (DEMI). To reverse osmosis, with a capacity of 30 liters per hour or higher, it is suitable to include an electrodionization unit(EDI). This technology achieves a large amount of financial savings compared to conventional treatment methods using ion exchangers.


Examples of application: 


  • Hospitals
  • Dentistry, filtration
  • Water softening
  • Small laboratories, endoscopy
  • Water for small autoclaves and sterilizers
  • Washrooms
  • Laboratories of clinical biochemistry, hematology, OKBH, imunology, OKBHI, preparation of drinking water for sterilization and supply of the dishwashers according to EN 285, CS, surgery rooms, CS OS, drinking water for preparation of medial steam, adding purified water to other devices
  • Pharmancies (according to ČL 2009)
  • Water for biotechnology
  • Water for pharmancy
  • Water for cosmetic industry



  • Purified water of specific requirements for laboratories.
  • Water for test and climatic chambers, material testing.
  • Deionized water for refilling bateries, handling technology
  • Refilling of the cooling systems
  • Supply water for preparation of the technological steam and pure steam
  • Supplying of air conditioning humidifiers, replenishing heating and cooling systems
  • Manufacture of qualified chemistry, chemical products dilution
  • Purified water of the required quality in the manufacture of cosmetics products