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Company of  GORO, spol. s r.o achieved following of the Czech and international certificates:

  • Certificate of ITC Zlín for the quality of treated water.
    Institute for Testing and Certification, a.s. located in Zlín, granted us with certificates that guarantees our devices are suitable for the production of drinking and purified water.
  • Certificate ISO 9001: 2008

    Our company is a holder of a certificate of quality assurance system in an organization for the business of designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing water treatment devices.

  • International AAA rating
    Since 2014, our company has been holding the prestigious AAA international rating. GORO, spol. s r.o. belongs to the group of companies with the highest level of credibility in the Czech Republic. The company has met the most stringent criteria of credibility and reliability over the past ten years, and therefore belongs to a highly exclusive group of Czech companies that can use AAA certification as the symbol of the highest rating. This international award puts us in the exclusive category of companies with the most valuable respect, solvency, reliability and dynamics. The rating obtained represents a sign of a safe and fair business relationship to our existing as well as potential clients. The international overlap of this evaluation gives us the opportunity to acquire and be a proven business partner not only in the Czech Republic but throughout Europe.
  • Certificate verified by customers
    On 06.06.2016 a certified customer certificate was granted to our company. This certificate has been awarded by CPKF - the Center for Business Quality Verification based on an electronic survey. It is therefore a sign that there are no negative responses to the quality of service provided and overall customer approach.