Central sterilization

We carry out the installation of medical steam preparation equipment for the sterilization and humidification of air conditioning.

The relevant standard ČSN EN 285 does not take into account the difference between the supply water for direct central sterilization and treated water for the production of medicinal steam used for the supply of central sterilization devices or air conditioning units.

The basic quality of medicinal steam that is thus introduced into central sterilization devices and air conditioning humidifiers is the condensate quality, where the limit is 2 μS / cm. Thus, in this case, the medium for process quality control is the condensate, not the incoming feed water.

Water treatment plants for the preparation of medical steam for central sterilization and air conditioning have two major capacities. It is a series of GORO MID 50-100 and then a higher power composite unit.

The complete device is made up of the appropriate blocks that are required for automated operation with minimal staff supervision. The only required activity is to check the state of the tablet salt in the softener.