Automatical softener Z-70

jh 100% removal of water hardness, low operational cost, energy-saving, removal of limescale.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: filtering container 20” Big Blue located in front of the softener, it can get rid of harsh mechanical impurities (sand, rust, sludge).


Basic characteristics:

Water softener is an ideal choice if you have problems with hard water. It can be used anywhere where is hard water or limestone. With water softener you will gain optimal water and you will provide longer lifespan of your appliances.


Principle of functioning:

The water softener works on the principle of ion exchange. Adjusted water from the water softener no longer produces calcareous deposits, known as waterstone. After adjusting a certain amount of water, there is need to refill the filter cartridge (about once in 5 years). Recovery of the cartridge is performed with tableted regeneration salt and does not require high water flow or large amounts of salt. The heart of the system is a pressure vessel filled with resin (KATEX). This cartridge has a negative charge. Calcium and magnesium have a positive charge. These minerals are attracted to the negative cartridge charge as the water passes through the tanks. The system also has a brine tank where the salt is stirred to form a saline solution. This salt solution is sucked into a pressure vessel where the saturated charge (salt solution) attacks mineral ions causing water hardness and is replaced by sodium ions in a process called ion exchange. Particles of calcium and magnesium in automatic rinsing are drained into the waste and the household is already working with softened water.


What is hard water:

Hard water occurs in nearly 70% of water supply. It has high levels of dissolved substances (minerals), especially calcium and magnesium, iron, manganese and silica. Hard water can cause many problems, like destroying water taps or another household devices (boilers, washing machines, dishwashers).

Hard water = water where mineral content is higher than 0,5 milimoles per liter. Soft water = water where the mineral content is lower than 0,2 milimoles per liter.
  • Digital automatic volume control valve (releases input water in time of regeneration)
  • Flow: 2,5 m3/h
  • Capacity: 25 liters
  • Capacity of stack for salt: 50kg
  • Exchangeable capacity: 55m3xn / regenaration
  • Consumption of salt: 3kg / regeneration
  • Inlet pressure: 2,5 to 6 bar
  • Temperature: 4 to 35°C
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Power consumption: 5W
  • Connection: 3/4" or 1"
  • Waste: 1/2" (hase)
  • Basic package of regeneration salt
  • Size in mm: 1150x400x500