History of GORO, spol. s.r.o dates back to November 1991. We rely on our longlasting, continuous operating on czech and slovak market. Goro s.r.o is purely private and independent company. In the beginning of year 2013 we moved our business to the newly reconstructed area in the small town of Zápy which is near Prague East District.


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Long term experiences with production and service

At the beginning of its existence, the company offered and supplied smaller types of reverse osmosis ranging from 4 to 20 liters per hour for laboratory purposes. Due to the need of replacing obsolete and non-compliant electrostatic devices with new and economical technologies, the company began to specialize in the production of larger water treatment devices. In terms of operation and automation, including measurement, reverse osmosis was an ideal technical and economic replacement for the above-mentioned devices. From now on, the interest in our products gradually increased and the range of use expanded. That's why we took the opportunity and our new customers became hospitals, school facilities, laboratories, pharmacies, industrial and chemical facilities. Some of the changes we had to make in our products were due to new standards and regulations by law. During our business some of these standards and regulations became stricter which was reflected in our projects. Currently, we specialise in reverse osmosis (RO) and Electrodeionization (EDI) stations with performance up to 5,000 liters per hour.

Our company major emphasis is providing perfect service and service security of all of the supplied water treatment devices. All details about parameters, data from inspections and interventions are stored in our special internal system. Operational security also assumes the cooperation with the user from whom we expect to sign an operating security agreement. This contract contains user-friendly conditions and increases the warranty for the operation of water treatment device. Restoring the device in case of a problem is a matter of time the technician needs to prepare all necessities and length of the way technician needs to travel. Most of all water treatment devices can switch to second operation stage until we are able to arrive.


Purpose of our company

The mission of GORO, spol. s r.o. is to offer our customers quality equipment and services that meet today's requirements. We build on attributes such as stability, expertise, efficiency, pro-client approach and friendly prices. We want to be a strong partner for all our customers. We note that every customer has different needs so every one is provided an individual approach.



Our company keeps trying to innovate, improve and come up with new services. This concerns both, own production of water treatment devices and the service.


Responsible behavior

We highly depend on professional and responsible behavior of all our employees. Our experienced technicans are properly trained and they have examination by §14 decree ČÚBT number 50/1978sb. about professional qualification in electrotechnics, because our devices are considered as an electrical equipment.

GORO company works under certification of ISO 9001:2008. Every service security action is automatically saved in the database of GORO and protocol of the security can be send to the customers on their demand. We also provide PBTK, which is regular inspection (for safety purposes) of water filtering devices. All devices have a „Declaration of conformity“ and certificates about quality of water exposed by the ITC and the ZU.